Leaving home and family is the hardest thing Evelyn Wilson has ever had to do. But after seven years of Dust Bowl starvation, it’s her only chance of survival.

     When the kindly Faye offers her room and board on her struggling, but viable farm, it’s just what Eve needs to get by. Except for Faye’s hateful brother, Liron, who threatens to make her life hell. But like a lot of things in Eve’s life, the reason why is always just out of reach. As Eve begins to see things, strange, unbelievable things, she can’t help but suspect her hosts may not be who they say they are. In fact, they might not even be human.

     Liron wants nothing more than to be left alone. But when the red-headed girl moves in with Faye’s blessing, it threatens to ruin what little he’s managed to carve out for himself. Exiled from his own home, Liron finds he has more in common with Eve than he’d expected, not that changes things. Hate is one of the few things he has left. He’ll be damned if some girl’s going to take that from him, too. Who’s he kidding? He’s damned no matter what.

     As the drought tightens its grip around the little farm, Eve and Liron are forced to make peace. To survive the Dust Bowl, they’ll have to come clean about who—or what—they are. Stoking the flames of a rivalry old as time, what is revealed will make or break the future of Earth, and hurl both into the middle of a supernatural war.

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