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Things you see on the road

Three weeks ago, Matt and I drove to Pensacola (about 965 miles each way) to visit my family and see my brother graduate from high school

I was really looking forward to the long trip to clear my head and see the countryscape again.

I forgot how many strange things you see on the road.

For example:

We saw a large bulldog statue in Chattanooga that eerily resembled Adolf Hitler. (Couldn’t find the picture of the actual statue, but this is very close.)

We saw an interesting sign, proclaiming “Go to church, or the devil will get you.” Yep, that’ll bring ‘em in.

We visited a Waffle House restaurant where a man was shot dead…I presume after learning that they don’t salt their grits?

We  also saw a pretty wildly tricked-out white Cadillac with horseshoes and Christmas lights. (No picture available, whatsoever. Not even close.)

It was a great trip with lots of quality time spent with family, friends, God, and Krispy Kreme Doughnuts.When I get around to it, I want to put some pics up from that weekend. We’ll see how that goes. 🙂


Coconut Candy

I love coconut bon-bons.

I first discovered them by surprise when my mother received a box of candy as a present and kindly chose to share with her children. More likely, she knew we would take it anyway, and she wisely chose to pre-empt our thievery.
Being a 7-year-old who was dazzled by the wealth of chocolate, I immediately began to snipe at a couple of the fancier-looking molded candies. Those were good, but mostly plain milk chocolate. Not exactly my favorite. As my last selection I grabbed a plain-looking dusky brown blob from the corner of the box. My first coconut bon-bon. Delicious.

Hurriedly inspecting the rather lousy candy map included with the box, I realized this was the only one I was going to get. They only put one in.

That’s when I learned to always look for those first.
I think that some people in life are like the lone coconut bon-bon in the candy box: settled in the corner, not shiny or molded like the other candies are, they’re the only ones worth navigating the map of the candy box to find.
And on the inside, they’re nutty. 🙂

Brides and Grooms

I love weddings. I often work weddings, helping my husband video them and I still love weddings. I guess it is part of the girl-thing of enjoying a great formal party, but it’s also about the magnitude of celebrating the choosing of a life partner. Which to me is pretty cool.

On the other hand, one of the most heartbreaking things you can experience is a wedding at which it is immediately apparent, for whatever reason, that the couple marrying is not truly happy.

We’ve only worked at one wedding when we’ve had that feeling. Matt’s business has been remarkably blessed with truly great customers with whom we’ve been able to share joy.

But, this past weekend I got a call from my sister telling me that she is engaged.

You can imagine that all of the weddings I’ve ever attended as a guest or vendor came flooding into my mind. But this time it will be different. It won’t be a customer’s wedding, it won’t be a friend’s wedding, it won’t even be my wedding, it will be my little sister’s wedding.

That makes me feel so many things.

What wisdom do you give? What do you hold back and let her learn first-hand?

How much bodily harm do you threaten the groom with?

I love weddings; and, aside from my own, this one will matter the most to me.

I can take many things, but the thought of a man I’ve never met holding my sister’s happiness in his hands is terrifying. I can only imagine how overwhelming this will feel when it’s actually my child.

Kudos to everyone who has actually handled that well. Even if I have 25 years to prepare for it, there’s still the strong possibility that I will be a basket case.

Valentine's Day

This week I was discussing dinner plans with my loving husband, Matt. As I’m from the south, I had a “hankerin” for catfish. Once decided, my husband got a gleam in his eye, one usually present when one has a stroke of pure genius (which is different, I’m told, from when one just has a stroke).

He looked at me with a giddy smile and said “I know what I could get you for Valentine’s Day!…A fryer!” He anxiously awaited my response.

Tenderly I thanked him, and explained that while I did not have a fryer, that’s almost the same as getting a vacuum cleaner for Valentine’s Day. Though it is true that a fryer has distinct benefits that a vacuum does not: excellent fried chicken and fish.

And, truthfully speaking, I should be glad that he’s offering: it shows he’s listening and that he’s not afraid to introduce more fat into my diet…I suppose that’s some form of flattery…somewhere. 🙂 He was truly excited and just so darn cute about the whole thing, I couldn’t do the wife thing and get mad.

Any way, the end of the story is that he personally delivered a bouquet of red and white roses to me today along with a carton of Jones brand Green Apple soda…He’s very sweet. 🙂

Based on these events, I’ve decided to make a list of items not to get your wife (or husband, for that matter) for Valentine’s Day. I know there are folks out there who could probably get some of these items and thus turn V-Day into D-Day. Consider this a warning flare.

  • A deep-fat fryer.
  • A vacuum cleaner or other cleaning device.
  • A toaster.
  • Any cleaning agent of any kind, I don’t care how convincing that bearded guy on TV is. Oxi Clean does not a happy marriage make.
  • Anything diet or fitness related (Danger, Will Robinson, Danger!)
  • Any piece of lawn equipment that doesn’t have a cup holder attached.
  • Any hair removal system. Again, it doesn’t matter how convincing that bearded lady on TV is…
  • A self-help book.
  • Flowers that smell like anything other than flowers.

The (C)Old War

My brother (age 17) has been reading Ayn Rand and Thomas Payne and has thus grown a bit obsessive in his zeal for capitalism. I could remind him that the cold war is over, but why spoil it for him?

As it is, his only solace is to war against Mother Russia via video games such as C+C:Red Alert or Yuri’s Revenge. But, hey, there may be hope: if folks are right about Barack Obama, communism/socialism may have a new hero. 😀

Anyway, here are a couple pics my brother sent me.

Everyone's Invited!

I love my brother… 🙂