I read an article by Michael Hyatt on the subject of hardships. In it, he shared a story of something negative that happened to him at an especially bad time. The moral of his story was that, though he wanted to focus on “Why me, why now?” kinds of questions, it is better to ask  the question, “What does this make possible?”

Being in a challenging spot right now, myself (having left my job the end of last month), I’ve found that the latter question raises many more interesting possibilities and opportunities than the “why” questions ever could. For example:

  • I’ve recognized and adjusted to a new season in my life; something I’ve been asking God about, but perhaps, was too afraid to see.
  • By emptying myself of what was, I’ve come to recognize what is. I’ve also experienced an increase in creativity, completing two short stories, am working on another, and have an idea for a fourth which I’m currently outlining. I’d previously been unable to complete even one short story, due to a lack of time, focus and creativity in my life.
  • In searching for a new assignment in this next season, I’ve had to ask myself  deep and difficult questions. I’ve had to dig down deep to find the answers, discovering greater self-confidence and a new excitement for the future and its challenges.
  • Simply by becoming more available, I’ve spent more time with family and friends, and was able to be “fully present” with them in the moment.

All-in-all, what was made possible, was a splash of cold water. I began to realign priorities, take stock of what works and what doesn’t work in my life, and realize my own opportunity to change what I don’t like.

One of my top goals being personal growth, this has been a great time for me. For those of you who may be dealing with confusing or difficult circumstances, I hope you find this encouraging. God really does answer our prayers (especially for growth), but how He chooses to do it is often surprising.  – Sarah