I could be altogether biased, but having finally received the newest album from Mark Knopfler, I am impressed by it.

He’s still composing from his industrial/everyman perspective, but with every other album comes an especially Celtic effort (see Golden Heart, Sailing to Philadelphia).  This is one of those.

All of Mark’s music has a “memory lane” feeling, but it’s wistfulness can have a acidic, bitter undertone (which has its place), but this one feels as though some of that has been purged from his system, having a more peaceful young-at-heart tone. I’m enjoying that.

Thus far, the overall theme seems to be a full cycle of life: the zeal and foolishness of being young (Border Reiver, Cleaning My Gun), the sobriety of loss (Remembrance Day), and the letting go of what’s been lost without bitterness (So Far From the Clyde), and ultimately accepting the end of life with “Piper To The End”. These are open-handed songs sung with wisdom passed on from someone who’s been there and back as in songs like “You Can’t Beat the House,” and the title track “Get Lucky.”

I’m happy to say that there seems to be an overture of self-satisfaction that emanates from his newest album. He’s seemed to work through some negative feelings toward a better personal place, and that is very satisfying to hear within his music.

Some of my very favorite tracks so far:

So Far From the Clyde

Border Reiver

Remembrance Day