The other night (my husband) Matt and I had dinner with a long-time family friend. Matt’s family used to go to the same church as his family did, and Matt’s father also worked with him at the local engine manufacturing plant.

I’d never met this gentleman before, but I was immediately excited when Matt said “…he played a big part in me getting saved.”

After sitting down with him and hearing him speak, I found myself a little disenchanted, hearing more Christian rhetoric & disillusionment than the words of faith I’d prepared myself for. I really started to feel disappointed, and found myself judging this man. I had no malicious intent in doing it, it honestly seemed innocent enough to me at the time.

Then, very gently, the Lord spoke to me. “Wait a minute. What has he done?” So that got me thinking:

– Because of his influence, my husband now knows God.
– Because of his obedience, my husband agreed to go with him to visit my church (1,000 miles away from here), and subsequently, Matt enrolled in their Bible college.
– Because of he enrolled in Bible college, Matt and I met and eventually married.
– Because of Matt, my life was changed forever.

And I sat in judgment of who I saw before me, despite all that this man did in his spare time.

I’m only seeing a very small portion of the fruit he’s borne in his life. How much more is there that I don’t see? Or that noone will ever see? What about all of the other people I’ve done the same to? That’s a little scary.

It put me in my place pretty quickly, to remember that even though he wasn’t what I was expecting, it’s the Lord that directs his steps. It’s not my job to judge him; he doesn’t work for me.