I love coconut bon-bons.

I first discovered them by surprise when my mother received a box of candy as a present and kindly chose to share with her children. More likely, she knew we would take it anyway, and she wisely chose to pre-empt our thievery.
Being a 7-year-old who was dazzled by the wealth of chocolate, I immediately began to snipe at a couple of the fancier-looking molded candies. Those were good, but mostly plain milk chocolate. Not exactly my favorite. As my last selection I grabbed a plain-looking dusky brown blob from the corner of the box. My first coconut bon-bon. Delicious.

Hurriedly inspecting the rather lousy candy map included with the box, I realized this was the only one I was going to get. They only put one in.

That’s when I learned to always look for those first.
I think that some people in life are like the lone coconut bon-bon in the candy box: settled in the corner, not shiny or molded like the other candies are, they’re the only ones worth navigating the map of the candy box to find.
And on the inside, they’re nutty. 🙂