It’d be nice if life had a big matrix like the mall does.

Want some new shoes? Go Left.
Want happiness eternal? Upstairs.
Need financial security? Go Right.
General Tso’s Chicken? Food Court.

More importantly, though, it would be nicer to see the little red dot that shows “You Are Here.”

Most of the time life seems like a continual evolution in high-speed: every time you begin to see something taking shape, it begins another morph into something new and even more complex. It’s reminiscent of the X-Men movies with all of the growing “mutants” at Xavier’s school; they didn’t understand what they were nor what they were capable of. It isn’t as if any of them were really going to end up as circus freaks by the end of the trilogy, but they really didn’t know where they were as opposed to where they wanted to be.

It seems like a little much to ask, life is uncertainty, not an endless, totally predictable production cycle.

My problem is that I tend to throw blinders on and say “I won’t  _____ until ______.” But if you do that enough, you end up not living at all. Ask me how I know.

So, while a huge map of life would be nice, I guess I should be more concerned with what’s in clear view around me. What’s true in all great malls, can be true in life: just keep walking, and you’ll eventually find what you’re looking for. Which for me, right now, is General Tso’s chicken. 😉