I know everyone’s read the story about Australia offering the “best job in the world.”
You get paid $104,000 to sit on an island for 6 months as the caretaker.  Oh, and you have to blog about it. All together, the workload is an estimated 12 hours each month.
Unemployed people across the planet are very excited at this point. 🙂

Having been unemployed before, I have a pretty good feeling of how I would feel after having that job for about, oh, 2 weeks. I’d be a hopeless candidate as I’m very prone to stir-craziness, and I dislike sand.

Mostly, I figure it would play out pretty closely to the 7 stages of Grief:

Phase 1: Shock or disbelief: This is unbelievable! I’m getting paid to tan! Wow!
Phase 2: Denial & Paranoia: No way, there’s gotta be some catch to this…I bet this is survivor. I hope that naked guy isn’t here…
Phase 3: Anger: This is so boring!! I’m wasting my life!! I hate Australia!
Phase 4: Bargaining: I’d do anything to get off this island!! I feel like Gilligan without the coconut radio.
Phase 5: Guilt: This is so my own fault. Why did I do this to myself? I miss the squirrels…
Phase 6: Depression: I’m marooned! Doomed! They didn’t even give me my pistol with the 1 bullet in it!
Phase 7: Acceptance and/or Hope: Hey, look! A Tiki Bar!