At the appreciable risk of sounding lame, I’ll share with you an observation I made on the way home during this Christmas season.

What if God was like us? There’s a song about it. Lyrics here.

But going further, what if God were really like us? Selfish, defensive, corrupt, opportunistic, and immature? Yes, you’d end up with a guy named “Hancock” (In the beginning there was Hancock and he was a jerk) but besides that?

Virtually all societies, like the Greek & Roman societies, made gods in their own image: conniving, angry, paranoid and quick to punish; putting an enormous price on their favor and goodwill which only lasted a brief moment.

This is what we do. We expect from God what we expect from ourselves…And we have all of those aforementioned traits. 🙂

In contrast, we read about a God who is willing to send His Son to die for us, knowing fully well that we’ll never measure up to the Son He gave up for us in the first place. And He loves me in spite of me. That’s much better than anything I could come up with.

Plus, it’s not worth believing in a god who is no better than we are, even if he would have cool toys like lightning to play with.