I’ve seen my future, and I’m the crazy squirrel lady. It’s ok, I’ve accepted it.

To begin with, I like squirrels. Luckily, where we live has a rather dense population of them.

I literally light up when I see one. One of the first things I do in the morning is look out my kitchen window to see if there are any in the yard.

Likewise, I get sad when one becomes road kill. I’ve tried warning them to stay off the road but they just look at me funny and scurry away.

Recently, Matt and I brought them a bag of walnuts from his parents’ tree. We left them by the hedge at our house where the squirrels would find them. They did. It was fun to watch the pile diminish and know they enjoyed them.

Then I started noticing how similar this must be to how God thinks of me. God doesn’t love me because I’m useful. He just does. Why do I like squirrels? They’re cute. That’s about it. Squirrels will never sweep my porch, wash my car or bake me a cake. I’m ok with that.

God tries to keep me off the road. Sometimes I listen. Other times, I make funny faces at God and scurry away. The tragedy is I fear Him when all He’s trying to do is keep me out of trouble.

He does stuff to make me happy. He leaves me gifts and hopes that I’ll recognize they are from Him. It’s sad when I believe I did something to deserve or earn them.

I just wish the squirrels would realize I love them and that they shouldn’t fear me; but, I figure if God is still trying to accomplish that with me, I probably have a ways to go yet with the squirrel community.