I was thinking about the ways God uses to speak: prayer, reading, visions, dreams, etc.

I’ve spent years chasing these, wanting the major experiences others write and speak about.

I’ve had some, but I’ve never had the more obvious or “fantastic,” like a vision or hearing the audible voice of God. After spending time pushing for something “big” and never receiving it, I got tired of knocking myself out.

Then, I became so desperate to hear God that I started looking for Him all the time. I really didn’t care how He’d say something, just that He would. I began noticing little messages around me that I hadn’t before. Music, movies, books and TV all of a sudden mattered much more than they ever did. I realized that God was capable of using anything to talk to me – and He was.

I stopped telling God how to speak to me and let Him choose.

So maybe that’s the point. I was putting all my energy into what I wanted to do and how I wanted to hear and that’s not what hearing is. Hearing comes from listening.